Rick Pacific Rim NPR 2018
Rick Pacific Rim NPR 2018

If you’re looking for a professional full-time guide who can create amazing travel experiences customized to your specific needs, then you need not look any further.

I specialize in designing and guiding adventures for individuals and groups that have a keen interest in learning about the natural and cultural history of the places they visit while having fun.

A deep commitment to the principles and practices of responsible tourism underpin everything I do and I encourage the same among my guests.

“Rick Searle is an excellent guide – one of the best I’ve encountered, and I’ve done many trips, both with Road Scholar and Overseas Adventure Travel.”

“Rick Searle is in the elite top group of leaders we’ve ever experienced, and we’ve taken a lot guided trips!”

“We’ve never encountered anyone who gave so much of himself to make sure everyone was taken care of, answering all questions, suggesting restaurants and joining the group, watching out for the people who needed a little more watching when on the trail. All around wonderful human being and group leader.”

“Rick Searle is exceptional…his leadership, warmth, humor, knowledge, genuineness and enthusiasm far exceeded our expectations. We’d really like to participate in other tours with him.”

Feature Tours & Travel Experiences

Southern Alberta – Canada’s Wild West

9 Days: June 17 – 25, 2020

Embark upon an epic road trip that will transport you back in time. Visit the world-renowed Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontolgy and be confronted by towering life-sized models of dinosaurs and stand in awe of the prehistoric landscape of Dinosaur Provincial Park. Examine the pictographs left by ancient peoples in Writing-On-Stone/Aisinai’pi Provincial Park and re-live the thrill and terror of the hunt at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. Cap off your remarkable journey through time by experiencing March of the Red Coats before being captivated by cowboy poetry, songs and story-telling.


For more details on the itinerary, what’s included, costs, etc., click here.

For other organized tours in 2020, please go to the calendar for details.

 The Art of Nature Photography

Dates: Flexible, Upon Arrangement Throughout the Year

Duration: 2 – 8 hours
Cost: from $150 per person

 Let me guide you into a deep immersion and connection with nature found in the parks and wild places on southern Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. Moving slowly, we’ll allow our senses to become completely absorbed by the sights, sounds, and scents that surround us. Through our lenses, we’ll explore the interplay of light, form, colour and texture to create works of art that reflect our individual and unique perspective of the natural world. As such, this experience is more about creativity than it is about technical mastery of photographic equipment and processes. It also offers an opportunity to learn more about the plants, animals and ecology encountered during our wanderings. Throughout our time together, we’ll take time to look at some of the best photos each of us has shot. In so doing, we may find our eyes opened to new ways of viewing and appreciating nature.

To learn more about this experience or to make a booking, please contact me.

 Step into Victoria’s Past

 Dates: Flexible, Upon Arrangement Throughout the Year
Duration: 2 hours
Cost:$75/person Min. 2 people

Join me for a walk back through time to explore the beginnings of the City of Victoria. Although young as cities of the world go, Victoria’s history is just as full of colourful and fascinating characters, events and stories. Our adventure into the past begins by visiting ancient burial grounds, fortifications and village sites and learning about the original inhabitants in the area, the Lekwungen People. Next we’ll stroll forward in time to the arrival of Europeans in the 1790s and the building of a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading fort in the early 1840s. During this segment of our walk, you’ll have the opportunity to trace the outline of the original palisade and bastions with your footsteps; heft a nearly 200 year old mooring ring anchored in the rock high above the waters of the Inner Harbour; and gaze upon the stern countenance of Sir James Douglas, the founder of Fort Victoria and later Governor of New Caledonia (now British Columbia). Our walk ends with the discovery of gold in BC’s interior in the mid-1850s which changed everything for the Hudson’s Bay Company and Victoria.


To learn more about this experience or to make a booking, please contact me.

Build Your Own Tour or Travel Experience!

Dates: Flexible, Upon Arrangement Throughout the Year
Duration: Variable
Cost: Depends on Details of Experience

 What are your particular interests and passions? If they have anything to do with learning about the natural and cultural history of Victoria, Vancouver Island or Gulf Islands in fun and engaging ways, I’ll work closely with you to clarify exactly what your needs and goals are. With this information, I’ll offer options for sites and activities that align with them. Together, we’ll consider each option before you choose which ones you want to experience. I’ll then take care of the details. You’ll have the great satisfaction of knowing your specific needs and goals will be met to the highest of standards. I pride myself on exceptional attention to details and exemplary customer service.