Ekos Explorations / Rick Searle

Through EKOS Explorations, I provide interpretive guide, naturalist, tour director and consultant services to travel and ecotourism companies, organizations and agencies as well as to post-secondary continuing studies programs and seniors residences.

This is my primary line of work since the spring of 2016; however, I bring to it more than 40 years of related experience and expertise.

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Ekos Communications Rick Searle

EKOS Communications provides a wide-range of services to businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations looking for assistance with public engagement, environmental education, and science communication initiatives.

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The word “Ekos” is derived from the ancient Greek word “oikos” meaning home or household. It forms the root to the words ecology and economy. Ultimately our one and only true home is this blue planet we call Earth. We are enmeshed in and dependent on its systems that support the miracle of life.