16:9 HD

Wetlands Matter
A documentary about the impacts of wetland drainage on the Canadian prairies and some possible solutions to the problem. Duration: 15 mins. (2015)


Making Marine Science Matter
A short promotional piece produced to enhance awareness and participation in the International Marine Conservation Congress held in 2010 in Victoria, BC. Duration: 3 mins (2010)


Strathcona: British Columbia’s First Provincial Park
A documentary produced to celebrate the centennial of BC’s first provincial park. It highlights reasons for its establishment and some of the significant management challenges it has faced over its 100 year history. Duration” 10 mins. (2011)


Older Formats

Stewards of the Land
Stewards of the Land features a small group of landowners who are practicing good stewardship of the natural environment while making their living off the land. Geographical focus is British Columbia. Duration: 24 mins. (2000)


Spinning the World: Investing in Good
Spinning the World is about ethical investing and how it can have a great impact on how corporations behave. Duration: 12 mins.(2002)


Preparing for Climate Change in Greater Vancouver
Climate change is having a significant impact on surface and ground water flows throughout BC. This documentary looks at how the City of Vancouver is preparing for and coping with these changes. The film is one of two produced as part of a larger contract completed for Natural Resources Canada and a number of other partners. Duration: 10 mins (2006)


Stewardship: An Ethic in Action
Stewardship: An Ethic in Action
Produced as a Power Point presentation for BC Parks to be used as part of an orientation and training program for new summer staff (2006)
Living with Large Carnivores
Produced as a PDF with hyperlinks for Parks Canada, this document summarized relevant research and presented it in a format and style that would engage specific audiences, namely tour operators, resort owners, town councils, park staff and the like. (2008)
Biodiversity of the Caribbean
A PDF with hyperlinks produced for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States to be used by high school students to learn about biodiversity of the region and threats to it. (2008)