Why Protect Earth’s Biosphere?

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“Why should we protect the environment? The more puzzling question concerns where our species got the idea that it is in the position to ask. Mere infants of the universe, with no feel for infinity, no sense of place in time and space, we human beings have yet to comprehend the enormity of what we are doing: In a geological second, we are unraveling complexities it took eternity to create.”  Jacques Cousteau

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We are the only creatures on the planet with the power to alter the way the world works, and we are the only ones able to understand and solve the problems we have caused. Now, as never before, we are learning how dependent we are on the rest of the living world; as never again, we may have a chance to secure an enduring place for ourselves with the natural system that sustains us. – Sylvia Earle

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“We share a single interconnected hydrosphere, one that puts us each quite literally downstream from one another.” – Alexandra Cousteau

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“A wave might seem to be a simple thing, but in fact it’sthe most complicated form in nature. Scientists even find it difficult to agree on a basic, all-round definition of what a wave is”. – Susan Casey

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“Why protect Earth’s biosphere? Each day that we ask the question, rather than act on it, some requirement for life, some necessity for the quality of life, some living being is lost or threatened. The future we are creating may be one of miracle or tragedy: None there be, can rehearse the whole tale. The question is not, why must we protect the biosphere; the question is when. The answer is now.” – Jacques Cousteau

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