The Historic Migratory Bird Sanctuaries of Greater Victoria (2022)

Greater Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island boasts of having three historic migratory bird sanctuaries. Established in the 1920s and 30s, these sanctuaries attempt to protect habitat that is vitally important to migratory birds. These long-distance fliers need places where they can rest and re-fuel along their fly path.

Unfortunately, many residents, as well as visitor, are unaware of these sanctuaries and their purpose. As a result, the sanctuaries are threatened. But there are simple actions that can be taken to reduce these threats.

The following video provides a brief introduction the three migratory bird sanctuaries within the Greater Victoria region.

Celebrating the Return of the Bufflehead Duck

As the coordinator of the Greater Victoria NatureHood, I was asked to produce a video to promote All Buffleheads Day Oct. 15, 2020. It was produced with the assistance of Peter Campbell and Gumboot Productions. 

The video features an interview with Kerry Finley, a biologist who has studied the Bufflehead for more than 20 years. It is intended to provide an overview of what makes this migratory bird unique and why it’s important to celebrate their annual return to the near-shore waters surrounding the Greater Victoria region.

As a teaser, the Bufflehead’s uniqueness has a lot to do with its uncanny navigation precision which sees them arriving almost always on the 297day of the solar year, typically Oct. 15th.