Songhees Nation Benefits from Aboriginal Tourism Initiatives (2018)

Over the past two years, the Songhees Nation has been slowly developing a number of tourism initiatives that capitalize on their ancient connection to the land and sea of southern tip of Vancouver Island. The Songhees Wellness Centre in Esquimalt offers a gift shop and cafe. Their catering company also runs a brightly coloured food truck that serves traditional dishes. From the Steamship building on Victoria’s Inner Harbour, they run a variety of canoe, walking and bus tours. Canada is a recognized as a world-leader in Aboriginal Tourism and there is a growing demand for the kinds of experiences offered by the Songhees Nation.

Climate Change Challenge for Tourism (2018)

Climate change is having a significant impact on travel and tourism just as they contribute to climate change. Some within industry are aware of these reciprocal impacts and are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint through offsetting.

Wetlands Matter (2015)

A documentary about the impacts of wetland drainage on the Canadian prairies and some possible solutions to the problem.

Strathcona: British Columbia’s First Provincial Park (2011)

A documentary produced to celebrate the centennial of BC’s first provincial park. It highlights reasons for its establishment and some of the significant management challenges it has faced over its 100 year history.

Making Marine Science Matter (2010)

To conserve the world’s oceans we must go beyond science, and use it to inform policy and management, and ultimately to catalyze change. The Society for Conservation Biology’s International Marine Conservation Conference brings together conservation professionals and students to develop new and powerful tools to further marine conservation science and policy. IMCCs are the most important international meetings for marine conservation professionals and students.

.This video shows clips and interviews from IMCC2 held in Victoria, Canada in 2010, and previews IMCC3 to be held in 2014.


BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Conservation and Recreation (2008)

This video was produced as a collaboration with the Elders Council for BC’s Parks and Protected Areas to promote greater public understand and appreciation for the growth and development of BC’s world-class park system. It also highlights some of the challenges the system faces going forward into the future. Featured throughout the video are some of the pioneers who led the way with the creation of parks and protected areas throughout the province.

Preparing for Climate Change in Greater Vancouver (2006)

Climate change is having a significant impact on surface and ground water flows throughout BC. This documentary looks at how the City of Vancouver is preparing for and coping with these changes. The film is one of two produced as part of a larger contract completed for Natural Resources Canada and a number of other partners.

The video was produced in Standard Definition.



Stewardship: An Ethic in Action
Stewardship: An Ethic in Action
Produced as a Power Point presentation for BC Parks to be used as part of an orientation and training program for new summer staff (2006)
Living with Large Carnivores
Produced as a PDF with hyperlinks for Parks Canada, this document summarized relevant research and presented it in a format and style that would engage specific audiences, namely tour operators, resort owners, town councils, park staff and the like. (2008)
Biodiversity of the Caribbean
A PDF with hyperlinks produced for the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States to be used by high school students to learn about biodiversity of the region and threats to it. (2008)