Clam Bed Survey with Middle School Students May 17, 2018 As part of its Naturehood initiatives, the Friends of Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary Ricked worked with a director of the Friends and two teachers and their students from North Saanich Middle School in Sidney, BC to conduct a clam bed survey in Pat Bay in the Saanich Inlet. Over the course of three hours, 50 Grade 6s and 7s, in two groups of 25, dug shallow (10cm) deep pits along a transect line running from high to low tide. Along the line, stakes marked 10 stations. The goal was to have at least 3 pits dug at each station. Sorting through the gravel, mud and sand dug from the pits, the students identified and counted the clam species encountered. Three species were found: Pacific Littleneck, Manila or Japanese Littleneck, and Varnish. FOSH provided the students with worksheets to assist with identification, counting and recording observations. FOSH volunteers were also on hand to assist the students with digging and identification.