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The Historic Migratory Bird Sanctuaries of Greater Victoria (2022)

There are three federal migratory bird sanctuaries within the Greater Victoria region at the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They were created in the 1920s and early 30s to provide protection for migratory birds and their habitat. Unfortunately, not many residents, and even fewer visitors, are aware of them.

This short video introduces each of the three sanctuaries, including what makes them special and what needs to be done to better protect them and the migratory birds that depend on them. I was the producer as the coordinator of the Greater Victoria NatureHood with Peter Campbell of Gumboot Productions doing the shooting and editing.

Celebrating the Return of the Bufflehead Duck (2020)

As the coordinator of the Greater Victoria NatureHood, I was asked to produce a video to promote All Buffleheads Day Oct. 15, 2020. It was produced with the assistance of Peter Campbell and Gumboot Productions.  

The video features an interview with Kerry Finley, a biologist who has studied the Bufflehead for more than 20 years. It is intended to provide an overview of what makes this migratory bird unique and why it’s important to celebrate their annual return to the near-shore waters surrounding the Greater Victoria region.  

As a teaser, the Bufflehead’s uniqueness has a lot to do with its uncanny navigation precision which sees them arriving almost always on the 297day of the solar year, typically Oct. 15th.

Songhees Nation Benefits from Indigenous Tourism Initiatives (2018)

Over the past few years, the Songhees Nation has been slowly developing a number of tourism initiatives that capitalize on their historic connection to the land and sea at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. The Songhees Wellness Centre in Esquimalt offers a gift shop and cafe. Their catering company also runs a brightly coloured food truck that serves traditional dishes. From the Steamship Terminal on Victoria’s Inner Harbour, they run a variety of canoe, walking and bus tours. Canada is recognized as a world-leader in Indigenous tourism and there is a growing demand for the kinds of experiences offered by the Songhees Nation.

Climate Change Challenges for Tourism (2018)

Climate change is having a significant impact on travel and tourism just as they contribute to climate change. Some within the industry are aware of these reciprocal impacts and are attempting to reduce their carbon footprint through offsetting and other energy-saving tactics.

Wetlands Matter (2015)

This is a documentary about the impacts of wetlands drainage on the Canadian prairies and some possible solutions to the problem.

The video was produced, shot, narrated and edited by myself. I’m no pro so it’s a little rough, but the central message is clear.